Get the Most Rewarding Sports App(FREE Download)

FireFan is a hot new interactive app that lets you play along LIVE

when your game is on TV! And, you can get PAID

to share it with fans just like you.


Make sure you see the invite code AGKLM. If you don’t see the invite code,

just type in agklm in the invite code box, BOSS.

You will want to make sure everybody you refer in the future

has YOUR invite code so you can get PAID.

After you download the app, come back here and read the rest…

Did you download the free FireFan app to your phone?

Okay, great! Now pay close attention because here

is where things get VERY exciting!

Now that you got the free app,


Just like you just got the app for FREE, and you got ten free tokens

to play along LIVE when your game is on, when you

also give away the free app to your friends and other fans,

they get their 10 free tokens. When their free tokens run out,

this app makes watching sports on TV so much fun that

they are going to want to buy MORE TOKENS. What this means

for you, is every time somebody you gave away the free app to

buys more tokens, you get PAID a commission. AND, if any of those

fans also sign up to be a United Games affiliate, and they give

away the free app, you also get PAID on THOSE token sales .

This is the most powerful way to market just about anything.

You give away something for FREE, as an introductory offer.

Then, if people enjoy using the app, they will be more than

happy to spend money to keep using it.

Once you complete the affiliate signup at >> CLICK HERE TO START NOW

login in to your back office website and complete the

short but very fun affiliate training. Once you do that,

you’ll be good to go to start making money

giving away this awesome app!

Here’s to YOUR Success,

Samuel H Boydston

United Games Independent Representative

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