Can Copper Help with Tick Bites?

Wow, wow, WOW!!

I just found out something so profound that it may very well shake the foundation of

the health and wellness industry to its core. Did you know that up to 90% of people

are infected with spirochete bacteria?

The spirochete bacteria is an anaerobic

bacteria that causes Lyme disease, and has also been implicated in being

a possible cause of many other autoimmune conditions, such as Lupus, Graves Disease,

Fybromyalgia, some forms of arthritis, etc. Spirochete bacteria may not be the ONLY

factor in these conditions, but since the spirochete and other anaerobic pathogenic

bacteria produce AMMONIA as a waste product of their metabolism, this

ammonia builds up in the blood and can cause a wide range of bad health conditions.

Too much ammonia in the blood decreases the ability of the red blood cells

to uptake oxygen, as well as decreases the cell’s ability to get rid of toxins.

The lack of oxygen and toxicity then leads to chronic INFLAMMATION,

brain fog, lethargy, chronic fatigue, and can cause the immune system to

turn and begin attacking healthy cells, thus the term “autoimmune disease.”

What does COPPER have to do with all this?

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Copper is a mineral needed by

the body for proper immune response, as well as the formation of

certain enzymes and hormones that keep the cells of the body healthy.

Without enough copper, the immune system cannot function properly.

There is also an enzyme called nagalase that prevents vitamin D3 from

being taken in by the cells, and vitamin D3 is needed for the immune system

to work correctly. If you’re getting enough copper, and the right

FORM of copper, all the above negative conditions may be greatly

reduced, and possibly even eliminated. What form of copper is the best?

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Well, there are three main forms of copper: copper 0(zero), copper 1, and copper 2.

Copper zero is the basic metallic form of copper found in copper ore,

and also disbursed throughout the soil. When copper zero gets exposed to rain

water, over time it becomes oxidized, and converted into copper 2.

Plants grown in the soil, uptake copper 2, and convert it into copper 1.

Copper 2 is the blue form of copper, and

you may have seen this on an old penny that is corroded. This is because

the copper has become “oxidized,” much like iron rusts and turns orange.

When copper gets oxidized, it turns bluish. Most copper supplements

contain copper 2, the oxidized form of copper. This is NOT the form

of copper you want. The copper you want is copper 1. Now, if you want

to reduce brain fog, inflammation of the joints, chronic fatigue, etc.,

you could do some research, find out which foods have the highest

amounts of copper, and that’s a GREAT idea! However, to get

sufficient amounts of copper 1 to overcome long term

copper deficiency, you’d have to eat WAY more of these foods

than you probably want to eat. I have recently discovered the

most bio available form of copper, that you can take as a

nutritional supplement, and that will help you start feeling

healthier, have more energy, and clear up brain fog

in the quickest time possible.

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