Now this is HANDY… and SHARP!

You’ve gotta’ be QUICK with this one guys!

My friends over at Ape Survival™ have been nice enough to supply the last 500 of their super cool “Credit Card Knifes” to give out for free.  You just need to tell them where you want it delivered!

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Check out the features on this super handy wallet tool:

  • Size of a credit card
  • Surgical steel blade
  • You can flip to a blade in 1 second flat

Get yours now from Ape Survival™, you just need to tell them where to ship it!

>> Enter your Shipping Address here <<

This offer expires very soon so be quick!

To a safe future,


P.S. They’ve already given away over 3300 of these cards which means there is less than 500 remaining!

>> Get your Knife Card while they’re available <<

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